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The Lab

A Non-Profit Robotics Laboratory


  • Our students can continue their experiments in AI, innovation after they graduate from our curriculum

  • Open space for the youth in our community to join the project freely, using The Lab to explore their ideas and accomplish their goals

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We will continue working on this to help our community in technological skills and the educational opportunity. You can be part of this by contributing your knowledge or financial support.



Nattinee Nimitsil, Founder
The Lab

"It always starts with the first step."

Technology disruption can increase the inequality in social, so that giving Technological skills to the community is one of the solution to close the gap. Drawn to SDG 4, I would like to be part of building and supporting the equality of education "provide equal access to affordable vocational training, to eliminate gender and wealth disparities and achieve universal access to a quality higher education."

Watching dropped out students approximately 60,000 in year 2020 in Thailand during the Pandemic is a heartache, the big gap of the inequality evidenced by the lack of Internet accessibility and Computer. Seemed to me that the authorities do not pay enough afford to fix it from the source of problems. Wait for no miracle, I started it with my limited resources. It can't be wait. 

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Derrick L. Anderson, Ph.D
Founding Member
The Lab

"Today, technology is the currency by which economic survival and viability are measured. A country’s ability to develop, deploy and appropriately use technology are the keys that will determine their future."

​​Those who understand this concept will benefit greatly and prosper while those who do not face uncertainty and a multitude of challenges in what has become a global marketplace. To meet this challenge many societies must overcome cultural hurdles especially in the field of education; a new paradigm in teaching and learning must be established if a technologically savvy population is to be produced allowing said country to compete on a high enough level in a world dominated by innovation and creativity.

After spending several decades in the U.S. IT industry, my mission in life and main focus shifted to sharing what I learned over the years with the upcoming generation of technologists and innovators in an academic setting to ensure that whoever was encountered was better prepared to meet the challenges of this dynamic and ever changing field. A non-profit technology-based training program was embarked upon to provide individuals with specific skills required for employment opportunities in “cloud computing”. Unfortunately this venture was not well received and was forced to seek a more welcoming venue giving this idea a much better reception. Following the example provided by Dr. Edward Deming taking his concept of Total Quality Management to Japan, Thailand looked like a fertile ground for the same thing to be done to establish a presence in a globalized marketplace. The Thailand 4.0 Economic Development Plan specifically stated that establishing a foothold in the field of technological education would be an imperative component in the country’s future so the idea was brought to Thailand.

Considerable economic investment was made to bring the resources used to establish the not-for-profit training endeavor to Thailand but was not met with the support of much needed visionaries until the chance encounter led to meeting K. Nattinee Nimitsil.  It was immediately apparent that she had an imaginative and ingenious approach to education and the use of technology of a true visionary. Our forces were then combined resulting in the creation of “The Lab”.

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