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School Safety Policies

  • We accept advance appointment only in order to minimize class size

  • You will not send your child to the class if she/he has symptoms indicated Fever, Cold, or other serious infectious diseases (e.g. H1N1, CORONAVIRUS) and you must immediately inform us if there is a possible risk of infection 

  • Students are allowed on campus with strict protocols, relating to the wearing of masks and social distancing

  • ​Student ages 12-18 must have ATK tested, no longer 7 days is required during this time

  • We would like to ask for your cooperation to wait outside the classroom

  • Parents are not allowed to wait for your child inside the school campus

Thailand Government Guidelines for COVID

  • Social Distancing measures are strictly in effect. People should stay 1m to 2m apart

  • Masks must be worn when you are outside your residence or home

  • Temperature checks are being used for screening in all areas

  • Restrictions are in place for some provinces and countries - check before you travel

  • Gatherings of more than 1,000 people are banned

School Terms and Conditions

  • The course fee is non-refundable, except when the course cancellation is made by us

  • Please make the payment before the beginning of the class

  • Please be punctual

  • Class Absences

    • An additional class is given only when you give 1 day advance notice of absence

    • Absence from class should not exceed 2 times per course (not apply to Group classes)

  • The course is invalid if you are absent longer than 1 month, in which case you need to re-apply and pay for tuition if you desire to come back

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