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Alisa Pyykkönen

Homeschooling Program

M.A. Education, University of Oulu, ​Finland

Get to know me:

Never stop learning!

I am Alisa Pyykkönen and I studied my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in the University of Oulu, Finland. Originally, I am an arts and crafts oriented primary teacher. I have worked in all primary levels in Finland, as a classroom teacher and as a language and cultural groups teacher. For the past two years I have been working in Chiang Mai as a Preschool and a Kindergarten teacher.

My key values as an educator are learn through play, sparking the fire of lifelong learning and finding the fun in learning new things. I put emphasis in positive pedagogies and finding one's strengths while practicing the others.

These are the courses I am currently teaching:

  • Homeschooling - Early Childhood

Alisa Pyykkönen



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