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On-site Robotics & Coding 

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Virtual Classroom
English - Thai Language -
LEGO Mindstorms Coding

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International Homeschooling Programmes

The International Classroom Without Walls (ICWW) 
Innovative International Integral

Prepare for the AI Transition Job with ICWW! Our engaging and holistic approach, guided by Hueytagogy, readies children to be innovative thinkers, self-learners, and to preserve their innate curiosity. Remember, "The future belongs to the innovator."

We Play It Seriously

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Our Courses

Onsite Courses

With locations in Helsinki, Chiang Mai and Bangkok, ICWW offers In-Person Classes focusing primarily on robotics, but with different focus area and goals.

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Virtual Courses

Virtual Courses fill a primary need during times when in-person gathering is not possible, but they also enable students from different locations to come together in a virtual community for learning and collaborating. 

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About Us

Founded in 2012 
"We nurture children in the art of learning. Recognizing that one size doesn't fit all when it comes to education, we prioritize personalized learning environments to tailor the best educational experiences for each student. At ICWW, we foster creativity, exploration, and open-mindedness, encouraging students to play, imagine, and experiment with diverse methods to bring their vision to life. Our goal? To prepare young minds to embrace global citizenship and thrive in a multicultural world."


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Euam Sirisantana
(Business Owner)
Class Robotics & Coding

The teacher understands and cares about children and has good child psychology. The curriculum encourages creativity and improves fine motor skills. Every child looks forward to going to school. They have created works based on their imaginations, instilling confidence and pride in their accomplishments.

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Saifon Taikan
(School Director)
Classs Robotics & Coding

It is a mixed-learning style of learning. Each time, the students can plan what they will design. They adhere to the process that the teacher teaches while adding creativity based on their imagination. Make a model that you are proud of every time you come - you will be given a variety of pieces to work with, for example, makes a lawn mower and a delivery car. Learning Robotics is excellent because it encourages the process of thinking and creativity, which leads to learning. It is a skill for a real future career for children in the twenty-first century. Thank you very much to the school for your assistance in teaching and developing this course. Thank you kindly

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