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Online & Onsite Robotics & Coding , Languages

ICWW offers fun and creative robotics, coding, English, Thai Language and alternative educations ie: Homeschooling programs for children and young people. Using a Hueytagogical approach together with highly motivated staff, we have earned the trust of hundreds of learners and parents. All children have a strong instinct to seek knowledge. We nurture the creative power of every child to discover that knowledge. By supporting their holistic and creative learning process, we empower them to bring their imaginations, skills into the real world and put their ideas into practice.


“I've heard that Finland is the best country in the world for education. I decided to enroll my three-and-six-year-old child in homeschooling programs, and I was not disappointed. The content that can be used to educate children. My child also enjoys activities that are scheduled on a weekly basis. I no longer have to waste time looking for activities on my own.”

Ruejikarn v. Tutoring School Owner, Homeschooling member

“It is a mixed-learning style of learning. Each time, the students can plan what they will design. They adhere to the process that the teacher teaches while adding creativity based on their imagination. Make a model that you are proud of every time you come - you will be given a variety of pieces to work with, for example, makes a lawn mower and a delivery car. Learning Robotics is excellent because it encourages the process of thinking and creativity, which leads to learning. It is a skill for a real future career for children in the twenty-first century. Thank you very much to the school for your assistance in teaching and developing this course. Thank you kindly.”

Saifon Thaikan,School Director, Parent (Robotics$Coding)

“The teacher understands and cares about children and has good child psychology. The curriculum encourages creativity and improves fine motor skills. Every child looks forward to going to school. They have created works based on their imaginations, instilling confidence and pride in their accomplishments.”

Euam Sirisanthana, Business Owner, Parent (Robotics & Coding)

“It was difficult for someone with basic English skills like me to step outside of my comfort zone. Using international programs for Ashi was the correct decision, and I am very pleased to see Asgi develop naturally and without force. The materials and activities are impressive, as is the supportive community we meet on Zoom every week. Without Suomi, I might not have had the opportunity to pursue international education. With the help of the Program Director, I was able to completely change my mindset and better understand my child. Suomi, thank you!”

Parent, Homeschooling Programmes Member

“Excellent programs with simple instructions. Kenta can quickly learn a language by participating in activities. It's a lot of fun for us. ”


What to expect from our programmes

All of the programs have a 12-month validity period. There is a non-refundable fee, but you can enjoy our free preview.

  • A World Class Education on digital platform, learn from anywhere

  • Self-scheduling based on your study plan

  • Affordable fee

  • Hybrid learning, meet with the Instructor once a week (Additional fee)

  • Certification after the completion the course (Portfolio)

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